Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2016. The children have all settled back well after the Christmas break, which now seems like a distant memory!

We had a wonderful visit last week from Lorna Becker of Fledgling Music, she delivered a fabulous session with the morning children on our Weather theme!


We do pack a lot of information into our newsletters but please do take the time to read through it, making a note of all the diary dates etc! It is all for the benefit and well being of your children. Thank you. A copy of the newsletter and term dates can also be found on our web site.


World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March. We would like to invite you to join us in helping your child to make the most of this special occasion.

World Book Day celebrates the joy and value of books and reading, especially for children. To help them get started on their reading journey please find your £1 World Book Day Book Token attached. This can be exchanged for a special £1 World Book Day book or used to get £1 off any book costing £2.99 or more. This year’s two books for pre-school children which are free with the £1 book token are Kipper’s Visitor and Supertato! Bookshops all over the UK are participating in the scheme as is our local bookshop; Bertram Watts.

For the whole week from 29th February to 4th March we will be carrying out activities around the theme of books and reading lots of stories. During that week your child is welcome to bring in their favourite book and dress up as any character from a book too.

For more information about World Book Day and ideas on sharing books at home, visit

Morning Nursery – Library Visit

On Tuesday 1st March we will be taking the morning children to Sheringham Library for a storytelling session with Kate the librarian. We will need parents/adults to help with this visit to maintain a 1:2 ratio so please keep this morning free if you are able to help. Full details will follow in a letter after half-term.  We will ask you to collect and accompany your child to the Library at 10.45am; the session will take place from 11.00 – 11.45am. All children will need to be collected from the Library.

Afternoon Nursery – Librarian’s visit to Nursery

On Friday 4th March Kate the librarian from Sheringham Library will be coming into the Nursery to read and share a story sack with the children.

Family Day at Sheringham Park

On Friday 22nd April we are planning a Family Day at Sheringham Park for the whole Nursery! We will meet at Sheringham Park at 9.45am. Rob Coleman and his team will deliver a fun nature session between 10am – 12 noon. After this we plan to have a picnic in the meadow area if the weather allows, I anticipate the session will finish at about 1pm. There will be no morning or afternoon nursery sessions held at Ladybird on this day. All children will need to be accompanied by an adult and each family will need to provide their own picnic. There is no charge for this event and The National Trust has very kindly offered to provide car park concession tickets. We do hope you will be able to join us; extended family members are welcome too.


As you are aware the Nursery is a charity and, therefore, non-profit making. We receive income from the 2 year old and 3 year old funding from Norfolk County Council and from fees paid by some families. However, this barely covers our running costs. Improvements to the building, replacing worn out toys and equipment and developing new activities for the children are paid for by the money we generate from generous donations and fundraising. In the past we have had tremendous support for fundraising from the parents, staff members and the wider community.

Recent fundraising amounts received have been:

  • Christmas Tree Festival – £51.40 + £23.00 bauble donations – £22.50 (cost of tree) = £51.90
  • Nativity Raffle – £173.00
  • Nativity DVD’s – £63.00
  • RagBag collections £68
  • Webb Ivory – £66.81
  • Tempest Photography – £176.71

Donations received:

  • Cromer Carnival – £400.00 Thank you to our kind volunteers running the carnival Park and Ride all day!
  • Sheringham Carnival – £100.00
  • Crab and Lobster Festival – £250.00
  • Charity pots – Hallmark Cards £7.27, BA Watts £12.56, Beeston Stores £50.50 = £70.33
  • Thank you to Anglia Taxi’s for the very kind donation of a computer for the children!

The Fundraising Group has got the following events planned:

  • Children’s Disco – Thursday 18th February, 2-4pm. (Flyer attached!)
  • Fish and Chips Quiz Night – Friday 22nd April (TBC)
  • Easter Holidays – Scavenger Hunt sheet
  • Children’s Disco – Thursday 2nd June, 2-4pm
  • The Constantia Cottage Restaurant evening – Friday 17th June
  • Carnival Prince and Princess Selection Disco – Friday 31st July
  • Clothes recycling bin – We will soon have a new clothes bin so please save us your donations!

We again need to collect good quality raffle prizes, soft toys and books. We would also be very grateful for any donations of baking for our children’s discos! If you can help, or have any other fundraising ideas please contact Helen.

We are collecting both the EDP Community Chest vouchers and the Sainsburys Active Kids vouchers please! Help us by asking anyone you know who buys a regular EDP, the vouchers are printed on the back page daily. We need to collect 500 vouchers in one month before we can apply for a grant.

We are hoping to be able to purchase Vtec InnoTab tablets for the children and are working towards improving our garden area and a new storage shed! If you know of any other grants that we might be able to apply for please do let us know; would you be happy to do this and apply on our behalf? We would be so grateful.

Matched Funding – Do you work somewhere that can provide Matched Funding? This is where a company agrees to match the monies raised at a fundraising event therefore doubling our total amount raised! Companies such as banks, building societies, supermarkets etc…

Charity Pots – Are you connected to a local business or shop? Would they be able to have one of our small collecting pots on their counter?

Plea for Skills! – We constantly have to work to maintain the Nursery building. As a charity we just don’t have the spare funds available to employ large maintenance firms to do this for us. Are you a builder, plumber, electrician, handy man/lady, gardener….. Would you be able to help us with odd jobs around the nursery, even just cleaning the windows from time to time would be a great help to us!

Thank you so much for your continued support J

Dropping off & collecting

Just to let you know that it is fine to drop off your child at Nursery at any time after the session start time and to collect before the end of session if this is more convenient for you. However, we do appreciate you collecting your child promptly at the end of the session. Thank you.

September morning sessions

If your child will be three years old by 31st August 2016 then they will be able to attend five morning sessions from the start of the autumn term. These will be fully funded by Norfolk County Council at a rate of £3.30 per hour.  Please can you fill out the attached form with your intentions for September.

September afternoon sessions

For your afternoon sessions in September 2016, please indicate your preferences on the attached form.

Moving on from Ladybird Pre School Nursery

We understand that some parents choose to transfer their child to the Nursery at Sheringham Primary School when they are eligible to receive the three year old funding. While it is always sad to say goodbye to a child and their family whom we have got to know very well, we understand this is your choice. However, it would be appreciated if you could give us a minimum of a month’s written notice, as per our Terms and Conditions, so we can allocate the vacant sessions to another child on our waiting list. Otherwise we will have to charge you for the month’s fees. Thank You.

Naming clothing/bags

We now have over 45 children on our registers and it is impossible for staff/volunteers and students to remember which coat/bag/hat/gloves belong to which child. Not all children can recognise their own coats/bags etc. and they can get very frustrated and upset while they have to wait for us to find them.


Ladybird’s charitable status.

Some of you may have noticed a new Charity number appearing on our letters.  Ladybird Pre School Nursery has recently become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (C.I.O.).  This won’t alter anything we do regarding how we offer our childcare but offers a greater level of financial security to our Committee members and Trustees. We are still a Registered Charity, just have a new number; 1162069. The only difference you will see is that we will be moving our bank account, but I will send out the new details for this separately.


With best wishes,

Vanessa and Ladybird Staff team.









Dates for your diaries

Friday 12th February – Nursery closes for Half Term

Thursday 18th February –Children’s Princess and Super Hero Disco

Monday 22nd February – Nursery re opens

29th February – 4th March – Book Week. World Book Day Thursday 3rd March.

Tuesday 1st March – Morning Nursery visit to Sheringham Library (Further details to follow).

Friday 4th March – Afternoon Nursery visit by Kate (Sheringham Librarian) who will read a story sack.

Thursday 24th March – Nursery closes for Easter Holidays

Monday 11th April – Nursery CLOSED for staff development day

Tuesday 12th April – Nursery re opens for Summer Term

Friday 22nd April – Family Day at Sheringham Park

Monday 2nd May – Closed for Bank Holiday

Friday 27th May – Closes for half term

Thursday 2nd June – Children’s Disco

Monday 6th June – Nursery re opens

Friday 17th June – The Constantia Cottage Restaurant evening

*Please note – The last day at Nursery for the Summer Term will be Tuesday 19th July.  We will be closed on Wednesday 20th July for staff training*

Friday 29th July – Carnival Prince and Princess Selection Disco


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