Home Visit Policy


Ladybird Pre-School Nursery works in partnership with parents/carers to ensure an inclusive, holistic learning environment is provided equally to each and every individual child and their families.

We offer a home visit to assist in the transition of care for parents/carers as well as the children. A home visit provides the opportunity for the children and their parents/carers to meet with staff and the child’s named allocated key person in the privacy of their own home environment where they usually feel most comfortable and relaxed. The home visit is an optional service that the Nursery provides, not all families wish to take us up on this offer, and the home visit is additional to our settling in policy provided for all children.  If the family choose not to take up the offer of a home visit or for reasons out of our control a home visit cannot be offered then we will ensure that during the child’s first settling in session we gather the information and documents that we would normally gather during a home visit.  We will also offer a meeting between the parent/carers and key person via Zoom or telephone prior to the child’s first settling in session.


  1. A key person is allocated before the child starts Nursery.
  2. Home visits are offered in the induction letter sent to parents/carers.
  3. Two members of staff carry out a home visit, one being the individual named key person for the child. If two members of staff are not available, then the visit must be re-scheduled.
  4. A home visit is arranged in liaison with the parents/carers at a convenient time for them. The home visit would ideally take place after the parents/carers and child have visited the Nursery and before the child starts at the Nursery. However, if this is not possible, the visit will take place as soon as possible after the child has started Nursery.
  5. Staff are to wear their uniform and carry identification.
  6. The two members of staff will make their own way to and back from the family’s home, and this will take place during normal working hours whenever possible. A travel claim can be made for any costs involved in travelling to and from the home visit.
  7. During the home visit one staff member will discuss with the parents/carers policies, procedures and help with any documentation which needs to be completed. They will gain information about the child and answer any questions and discuss any worries or concerns they may have.
  8. It is an opportunity for the key person to meet the child in their own familiar environment, establishing what activities they like and dislike, further facilitating their transition to the Nursery environment.
  9. The individual needs of the child will be established through discussion, allowing appropriate activities and facilities to be sourced if necessary.
  10. The staff will stay together during the home visit and would not expect to be left alone with the child during the visit.
  11. Staff are to carry a mobile phone for emergency purposes when taking part in a home visit.
  12. A record of all home visits is to be kept in the Nursery diary.
  13. Home visits will last a maximum of thirty minutes.
  14. In the event of an incident or confrontation, staff must complete an incident form and inform theNursery Manager and Chairperson.
  15. Staff will be conscious of the fact that they are guests in the family’s home and will treat all families with a high level of respect and regard during the visit.
  16. At any time during the visit parents/carers may ask both staff members to leave and do not have to give a reason why.

Reviewed biennially