Staff Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Policy


Ladybird Pre-School Nursery believes that it is essential that standards of conduct at work are maintained to ensure delivery of quality services and to protect the well being of all its staff, volunteers, committee members, trustees, students and children. The following code of conduct will make sure that all those involved in working within the setting are aware of the standards set by the Nursery.


The purpose of this code of conduct is to establish and encourage everyone to achieve high standards of conduct at work.

Underpinning Principles

  • The welfare of the child is paramount.
  • All staff are responsible to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.
  • Staff who work with children are responsible for their own actions and behaviour and should avoid any conduct which would lead any reasonable person to question their motivation and intentions.
  • Staff should work, and be seen to work, in an open and transparent way.
  • The same professional standards should always be applied regardless of culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity.
  • Staff should continually monitor and review their practice and ensure they follow the guidance contained in this code of conduct.

Expected Conduct

  • All staff must recognise and respect the value and intrinsic worth of each child and family, regardless of economic or social background.
  • All children and families deserve respect and understanding.
  • Staff are responsible for caring and educating young children as well as providing information and support to parents/carers.
  • Staff should seek to improve their understanding of the development of young children through ongoing training and collaboration with colleagues.
  • Staff have a responsibility to understand and adhere to current legislation and guidance that supports their role.
  • All staff have a responsibility to contribute to the Nursery’s responsibility to protect children and encourage a ‘safer working culture’. 
  • Staff will be expected to follow agreed procedures, without fear of recrimination, to bring to the attention of the Nursery Manager any deficiency in the standards.
  • If staff have concerns regarding the Nursery Manager the Whistleblowing Policy may be followed.
  • When information is necessarily confidential it should only be made available on a “need to know” basis.
  • Staff must not use any information obtained during their employment for personal gain or benefit, nor should they pass it on to others who might use it for personal advantage.
  • Many staff have access to personal information relating to other staff, children and their parents/carers, committee members, trustees, students and volunteers. All staff must treat this information in a discreet and confidential manner and adhere to the following guidelines:
    • Written records and correspondence should be kept securely at all times.
    • Information must not be disclosed either orally or in writing to unauthorised persons.
    • Information must not be given over the telephone unless the caller has given details of their right to ask for such information. Staff must check on the caller’s right to information by obtaining their telephone number and calling back to check their identity or by asking for a written request for information.
    • Confidential matters should not be discussed in areas where they may be heard by passers-by i.e. reception, pathways, etc.
    • As a general rule staff should not make statements or write letters to the media.
  • Staff should dress appropriately and give a positive image. A uniform is provided, consisting of a tabard, top, cardigan and fleece which should be worn on a daily basis.
  • Except for medical reasons, staff must not take any substances that might affect their work.
  • No staff should consume or be under the influence of alcohol/drugs during their hours of work.
  • No smoking is permitted on the Nursery premises.
  • Staff should be aware of and adhere to the Nursery’s e-safety policy.
  • Staff must not discuss or comment about children or members of their family who attend the Nursery on social media sites. For their own safety staff should not be ‘friends’ on social media with any parent/carer whose child currently attends the Nursery.
  • Babysitting – It is not appropriate for staff to make arrangements to care for a child who currently attends the Nursery on a private Babysitting agreement.
  • Staff have a duty to familiarise themselves with all the safety regulations that apply to their job and apply them.
  • Staff should be aware of the following expected standards of behaviour when attending Nursery related events in and outside of work time where attendance could be seen as representing the Nursery:
    • This code of conduct will still apply e.g. regarding drug/alcohol abuse, discrimination, etc.
    • Consideration and respect for others.
    • Those in a position of management/supervision should not behave in any way that could undermine their position.
    • The Nursery should always be seen in a favourable way by the public.
  • Any staff member who commits a fraudulent act is liable to disciplinary action, which may include dismissal and possible criminal prosecution. Fraud is defined as any manipulation of an accounting system or supply system to enable public money or material, or that of third parties, to be misappropriated.
  • Staff must not make false statements e.g. on travel claims, etc. Where there is evidence of a member of staff submitting such claims, he/she will be liable to disciplinary action and/or prosecution.
  • Where a staff member has witnessed misconduct of any kind including fraudulent activities he/she will have a duty to report such an incident in accordance with the Whistle Blowing Policy.
  • Staff must immediately report to the Nursery Manager details of any arrest or criminal conviction or caution made against them or against anyone else living in the same household. A criminal conviction against themselves or against another person in their household may result in them no longer being seen as a suitable person to work with children under the age of five.  The Nursery Manager and Chairman will together seek advice as to whether the member of staff is deemed suitable to continue to work with children under the age of five.