This policy is written to outline how Ladybird Pre School Nursery use their social media pages and the standard that must be followed at all times to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the children and staff.

All parent/carers are made aware of our social media pages and how we use them. All parents/carers are made aware that our social media pages are ‘open’ pages meaning that anyone on social media can view and interact with our page. All parents/carers are given the choice to consent or not consent to images of their child being included on our social media pages. All parents/carers are provided with a copy of this policy at the point of registration.

All social media pages must have at least two admins but preferably three.  Admins are responsible for ensuring that media shared meets the standards outlined below;

  • Children who feature on our pages are not named.
  • Staff who feature on our page are not named.
  • Only children who we have gained consent from parents/carers are included on our pages.
  • Only staff who have given their consent are included on our pages.
  • Children who we do not have consent to include on our pages never feature.
  • All media shared has been agreed by at least two admins.
  • Video’s are not shared to avoid any background conversations being made public.
  • Parents/carers are aware that they can change their consent at any time.
  • Any unwanted comments or interactions on the nursery social media pages will be dealt with swiftly and professionally.  Admin have the ability to remove such activity and block people from the page. It is the responsibility of all admins to monitor activity.
  • The Manager has the overall responsibility to ensure that our social media page does not breach this policy and to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all children and staff is paramount at all times on social media.