E-Safety Policy


Ladybird Pre-School Nursery has a commitment to keeping children safe and healthy. The E-safety policy operates at all times under the umbrella of the Safeguarding Policy. The E-safety policy is the implementation of the Safeguarding Policy in relation to electronic communications of all types.

E-safety ensures children are not harmed, placed at risk or bullied through use of the internet, e-mails, blogs, and social networking sites; or by mobile phones and electronic devices and games. This policy aims to achieve a balance between safeguarding the children in our care and ensuring families are able to experience pleasure and pride in their children’s achievements through the use of technology.

Photography and Videos

The use of images is divided into three categories:

  • Images taken for Nursery use i.e. observations, the Nursery Facebook page and the Nursery website.
  • Images taken by parents/carers at Nursery events.
  • Images taken by third parties.

Images Taken by Ladybird Pre-School Nursery Personnel

Staff, volunteers and students must not use personal cameras, videoing equipment or mobile phones to take images of the children who attend Nursery. All mobile phones are switched off and stored in the staff room whilst children are on the premises. Smart watches are  disconnected from mobile devices.

Photographs are used for a number of purposes but generally to capture a particular experience or something that the child has achieved. In addition we may use photographs for the following:

Displays of children’s workA record of ideas and references for future use  
Examples of children’s playAs part of the child’s Learning Journey and for parents/carers to see  
Areas within the playroomTo demonstrate the range of activities provided  
Room photographsFor the children to look at and talk about  
Special events and festivalsAs a record and to show parents/carers children a range of diversity/cultures  
Observational photographsEvidence to be included in their Learning Journeys (Tapastry)  
Children’s own photographsGain experience and confidence with ICT  
General photographs throughout a dayTo develop language and form positive relationships with parents/carers  

Only the designated iPads will be used to take and store pictures. The iPads will be handed in at the end of the day where they will be stored in the locked cupboard in the office until the following day.

The printing of the images is to be done on the Nursery premises using either the office computer or the computer used by staff in the staff room.  All photographs on the iPads will be wiped clear half termly before a holiday.

All images taken must be deemed suitable without putting the child in any compromising positions that could cause embarrassment or distress.

Parents/carers are NOT permitted to take photographs on the Nursery premises without management permission.

The Data Protection Act 1998 affects the use of photography. An image of a child is personal data and it is, therefore, a requirement under the Act that consent is obtained from the parent/carer of a child for any images made such as those used for the Nursery website, Nursery Facebook page, observations, outings and events or other purposes. We feel it is also important to take into account the wishes of a child, remembering that some children do not wish to have their photograph taken.

Signed consent on the child’s Registration Form will be obtained from parents/carers and kept in their child’s file. Only children whose parents/carers have given this permission will have their photograph taken.

Where a parent/carer has given consent but a child declines to have an image taken, we will treat it as consent not having been given and other arrangements will be made to ensure that the child is not photographed or filmed.

Where parents/carers have refused permission for their child to be photographed or have not returned a correctly completed and signed consent form, the child will be removed from situations where their image may be recorded. Where this is not practical, no images will be recorded.

Images Taken by Parents/Carers at Nursery Events

Ladybird Pre-School Nursery Management Committee, in consultation with the Nursery Manager, will decide when parents/carers are able to take images at Nursery events (such as the Nativity play). However, any images taken by parents/carers must be for their own personal use only. Under no circumstances must they be uploaded a photograph that features a child other than their own onto a social networking site e.g. Facebook, Twitter or similar.

Third Parties

Any person using a camera, mobile phone or video recorder at Nursery events or outings who has no connection with the Nursery will be questioned by staff and asked to delete any images made.

Images Taken by the Press

Signed consent on the child’s Registration Form for the media to take photographs will be obtained from parents/carers and kept in their child’s file. Only children whose parents/carers have given this permission will have their photograph taken for a newspaper article.

Storage of Images

The Nursery has a duty of care to safeguard images so that they cannot be used inappropriately. Images in a digital format, on videotape, in prints or negatives, or electronically will be stored securely.

These images will be maintained securely for authorised Nursery use only. If they are not archived they will be disposed of either by returning to the parents/carers or by shredding.

Publishing or Displaying Photographs or Other Images of Children

When displaying or publishing images of children the Nursery will avoid the possibility that people outside the Nursery could identify and then contact children directly. To reduce this risk the Nursery will:

  • Where possible, display general shots of group activities rather than close up pictures of individual children.
  • Children will be in suitable dress.
  • Children will not be named.
  • Consideration will be given to an article being illustrated by the children’s work as an alternative to using an image of the child.

Images Used for the Ladybird Website and Facebook Page

We will always ensure we have signed consent from the child’s parent/carer before we place their photo on either the Nursery website or the Nursery Facebook page. This consent is asked for on the child’s Registration Form. Parents/Carers have the right to change this permission at any time but must do so in writing so there is no misunderstanding on either side. No child will be named on the website or Facebook page. The Nursery Facebook page will have three named Administrators, these are Jo Bircham, Kate Daniels and Jas Dewbery.

Indecent Images

‘There are no circumstances that will justify adults; making, downloading, possessing or distributing indecent images or pseudo-images of children (child abuse images)’.

Where indecent images of children are discovered at the establishment or on the school or setting’s equipment an immediate referral will be made to the Designated Officer (DO) and the police will be contacted if relevant. Guidance for safer working practice for those working with children and young people in education settings 2022