Weekly Update 13/09/19

🐞This week at Ladybird…..

🐞We’ve reached the end of another great week at Ladybird!

🐞We’ve been busy carrying out Home Visits and have been welcoming new Ladybirds to Nursery throughout the week.

🐞Our new two year old space has been very well received by the children and has had a soothing and calming effect on our little ones.

🐞The children have enjoyed some wonderful play in our new undercover area kitchen. They’ve been dressing up as chefs and making some fabulous afternoon teas to share with each other.

🐞Our mud kitchen has had some items added to it, such as a microwave and kettle. These new additions have meant the children have been able to engage in some realistic games and role play.

🐞Water play is always popular at Ladybird. This week we’ve added corks and pipettes to bubbly water, looking at the corks floating and squirting water out of the pipettes.

🐞Our children have particularly enjoyed ‘junk modelling’ this week. We’ve had all sorts of creations from a funfair, dinosaurs and a caterpillar! The children told us which materials they wanted and let their creativity flow.

🐞Next week we are going to be looking at Emergency Services and also our ‘Garden Rules’ and keeping ourselves safe.

🐞Enjoy your weekend!